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What we do

We help Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Women, and LGBTQIA startup founders to create generational mental wealth, so that they can make a positive impact on their lives, businesses, teams, and communities.

Mental wealth is the collection of intentional thoughts, behaviors, and experiences—mental wealth deposits—someone uses to make a positive impact on their mental health. These deposits have a cumulative positive impact, especially during times when you’re challenged with mental illnesses and external events.

Mental wealth deposits include working with a therapist, spending time by large bodies of water to connect with nature, going on a vacation, or making time for friends and family.


Our research is focused on “underestimated” startup founders (Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Women, and LGBTQIA).


We publish in-depth research reports of the current state of mental wealth. The report includes actionable insights on potential trends.


Our version of creating community is called a Mental Wealth Salon. In 2021, we’ll launch this programming to a larger audience.

Business Advisory

Mental wealth is the foundation for the business ideas we pursue, how we define and refine company culture, and what people we choose to create with from employees to investors.We help you do the work not tell you. We help you with the mindset, strategy, and actions.


Anthony Ware, Foudner and Principal, at Foudner Mental Wealth leads the Group and 1:1 Mental Wealth Trainings for underestimated startup founders. The Group Training (May 2020) is a 6-week program. The 1:1 training is designed according to the specific needs of the founder.


Anthony Ware is available to speak on topics grounded in the mental wealth of underestimated startup founders including: how to overcome burnout and imposter syndrome; refine and define company culture and employer brand, leverage supplier diversity programs.

Our Latest Work

This is our most recent publications based on our research with underestimated startup founders, makers, and creatives. We are working on the 2020 Founder Mental Wealth Report and plan to publish in late Summer or early Fall 2020.

Founder Mental Wealth Report

Founders start businesses, create workplaces, impact our communities, and model behaviors for our peers and future generations. The state of our mental health impacts our decisions in all areas of the business from operations to hiring and firing to sales.

We expereince rejection, long hours, financial pressures, and mental weight that our decisions impact the lives of the people on our teams and their families.

As founders, we are the most important investment for our business.

This report is based on 179 responses from underestimated startup founders in the UK and the US. 

Mental Wealth Deposits

These are the top Mental Wealth Deposits by number of responses.

Time w/ Friends

Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Read Books



Who’s the Founder helping founders? 

Anthony Ware, Founder & Principal

AWare Catalysts x Founder Mental Wealth

Latchkey kid from Indianapolis. Anthony Ware and his two younger brothers were raised by his dad. First gig…cleaning toilets for his dad’s janitorial business.

Anthony jumped from the corporate ladder to launch startups. He ignored his scarcity mentality until it broke him in November 2010, he had to live in a car in New Orleans after his third startup failed. Two months later, thanks to mentors and yoga teacher training, Anthony was a phoenix.

Today, Anthony’s businesses help underestimated startup founders use their mental wealth and company culture to leapfrog business norms, and create new generational wealth.

More insights from Anthony about mental wealth

Why I’m Focused on Generational Mental Wealth (this is a personal look into my why)

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Podcasts hosted by Anthony
Founder Mental Wealth – Launching in May 2020
Make Positivity Louder 365 with Anthony Ware

Past Speaking Engagments
Moderator – Grow Your Own Way (Portland)
Panelist – The Icon Summit (New York City)

Resources you can use today

Mental Wealth Deposits you can do today.

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